Explosion Proof Production Monitoring

IPS designed, built and installed this updated custom control center for a U.S. Army production facility. The various production operations that machine and process explosive materials, such as shaped charges, must be operated and monitored remotely. These operations included eight separate bays for a variety of operations utilizing CNC lathes and mills as well as conventional lathes. Each control station included remote and local operation modes as well as start/stop functions and an emergency stop. Some of the stations also provided for feed rate, turning speed, forward/reverse, table travel, etc. depending on the specific requirement of the equipment involved. The upgraded control center included several explosion-proof closed-circuit television camera systems. The camera systems are equipped with zoom, pan and tilt and recording capabilities. The monitors in the control room can be switched between the various work bays. Video recorders provide for recording the machining operations for analysis at a later time.

IPS Custom Automation

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