Spray Dryer System Installation

IPS Custom Automation was awarded a project that provided the U.S. Army with technical support to install government furnished industrial plant equipment in an existing production facility. The Spray Dryer System provides a process to dispense and dissolve RDX powder in a liquid and coat it sufficiently to produce a more ignition sensitive material.

The project provided for the following elements:
  • Provide and install explosion proof camera system with 4 channel DVD recorder, flat screen monitor and air-purged wall mount enclosure as follows:
    • Purchase and install 1 color camera
    • Purchase and install remote operator for camera
    • Purchase and install explosion-proof pan, tilt and zoom equipment
    • Purchase and install flat screen color monitor
    • Purchase and install purged wall-mount control enclosure
    • Purchase and install one digital recording unit
    • Electrical work to be provided and coordinated with a NJ Licensed Electrical contractor
  • Provide installation labor and procure material for process utilities (air, nitrogen process lines, electrical conduit, wiring and interconnecting process lines as required) to GFE equipment.
  • Procure electrical wiring and conduit and provide technical/mechanical labor for installation of electrical elements and coordinate with a certified NJ electrician.
  • Provide labor and material to manufacture and install a 36” X 60” Exhaust Hood and explosion-proof exhaust fan in accordance with ASTM Standards and meet DA PAM 385-64 Standards for use in hazardous environments.
  • Mechanically position and install system elements
    • Main Chamber
    • Collecting off bag filter
    • Condenser
    • Control Console Cabinet
    • Pre-Heater
    • Heater
    • Control Panel
    • Chiller

The Spray Dryer Installation was expanded under two separate purchase orders to include technical support and installation labor to install a Granulator/Mixer, Superfine Grind Mill and a chill water system. IPS responded to the expanded request and provided for the following elements:

  • Labor and material to install the GFE Netzsch Voyager Mill (a Labstar type Superfine Grinder) in the production facility. The installation effort included procurement of the required materials and labor for all utilities as outlined in the operation/ installation manuals provided by the manufacturer.
  • Labor and material to install a GFE GMX-Lab Micro Granulator/Mixer. The installation effort included the required materials and labor for all utilities as outlined in the operation/installation manuals provided by the manufacturer. IPS also included a platform/table for mounting the equipment.
  • Labor and material to install a spill detection system in the Spray Dryer system. The system provided was an Arjay Control unit with 3 Leak Pad Sensors to detect leaks at the peristaltic pump and storage vessel, the agitator vessel and the spray dryer vessel. The controls were mounted in the Spray Dryer Control Cabinet. The spill detection included secondary containment spill pans under the tanks and pump.
  • Labor and material to install Ventilation System upgrades to the existing Spray Dryer exhaust system. This included an airflow detection system in the main exhaust duct with alerts to the operator at the Spray Dryer Control Panel.
  • Labor and material to install a Prep Area work bench and include a Fume Hood Ventilation System dedicated to the Prep Area. A Snorkel line was included in this system to cover the bag filter area. In addition a metal storage cabinet was also provided in this task.
  • Labor and material to install a 3-way control valve at the feed tanks and pump to switch output flow from one vessel to the other. Controls will be operated at the Spray Dryer Control Panel.

IPS coordinated project activity with a wide variety of the departments at the facility and is familiar with the proper protocol for project activity including obtaining safety permits, welding permits, etc.

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